Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spoon Me by Elliphant & Skrillex

"Did all the fathers bail a decade ago? Just realized why I hate it here. You have the Kardashian insanity for $300 million. Wifestitutes divorcing men for $10 million. Instagram hoes doing gangbangs in Dubai for $20,000. Pornstars fucking dudes for $2,000. Strippers teasing dudes for $200. And they all think they are better than the girl with a regular job who has true love for one man. Cuckerbergs in social media poison the pussy pool then call it misogyny. And it's only gonna get worse until the banks come tumbling down. WTF America. I'm going Paul Revere on that ass. Burn it. Burn it all." — Hesse Bentura