Sunday, March 17, 2024

Jeff Dye, Kurt Metzger, and Jimmy Dore

A cartel can never be democratic. The only way of fixing prices is with an agreement between oligarchs. The European Parliament in Brussels cannot initiate legislation on behalf of their voters. Neither can the World Bank, the IMF, the FBI, the CIA, or any other deep state organization. The bureaucrats staffing these 3-letter Jewish “institutions” have only one function. To check boxes on lists. They simply follow an algorithm to make sure all the boxes are checked. So in the end, the people that you're dealing with are like robots. They're like automata. They've been bleached of human content in order to perform their duties. There is a Darwinian process of selection within those institutions, which selects for banality. If you actually seek to achieve anything, you must bypass this middle layer of banal robots. You must climb to the top to find the genuinely evil and interesting decision makers. Only then will you find a Judeo-Satanic human with a will to power, lust, kill, and devour.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024