Saturday, February 25, 2023


"The ideal end to the current conflict is with a revolution in Moscow," the US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs (((Victoria Nuland))) said on Thursday. Ukrainians “have to get to a map that is more sustainable for them,” Nuland said in a video interview with the Washington think tank Carnegie Endowment. They have “significant chunks of territory they need to be a viable state, before you even get to the question of Crimea, and that’s what they’re focused on now.”

Jews hate Russians and really just want to destroy them. Vladimir Putin wanted to join NATO and the (((Madeline Albright))) State Department said “no.” The Jews don’t want a resolution. They just want to kill as many Russians as possible. These people are all Russian Jews, of course. All of these people running this war against Russia are Russian Jews. You’d think that would be relevant to the dynamics of this conflict, but apparently not. LOL

Asked how she saw the conflict ending, Nuland said the West “must never trust, as long as Vladimir Putin is in power, or somebody like him, that this is truly over.” Even if the fighting ends on Ukraine’s terms, there “has to be a long-term plan” to build up Ukraine’s military as a deterrent. She also expressed a preference for Russians overthrowing their government for a “better future” offered by the West.

HAHAHAHAHAH. Yeah, the better future offered by America. Who believes this shit at this point? Does anyone on earth?

America is a cesspit. They are mutilating children. Toddlers are getting molested by homosexuals at public libraries. Chemicals are exploding everywhere. Everyone is poor and dying of synthetic opioids. There are lunatic racial problems. Giant food conglomerates are killing all the chickens. The country is devolving into savagery. People are barely surviving. A tiny minority controls everything and is completely unaccountable to the people. Marriages have stopped functioning. People are not even getting married. Women are absolute beasts and they control the men in a sadistic manner. Cuckolded simps are addicted to pornography. In short, it is a Jewish paradise.

You’d have to be totally insane to be look at this from the outside and say, “Hey! Our country should be more like that!”