Monday, April 17, 2017

Addicted To You by Sick Individuals & Avicii

[–] FLFTW16 2 points 1 day ago

The key to managing expenses with women is to get them involved in activities that don't cost a lot of money, like hiking, walking, and other forms of physical activity that are fun, make you feel good, occupy your time, and won't make you go broke. Women that like to shop as a hobby are actually just trying to fill a void that can be filled other ways in a more meaningful and cost-effective way.

Rather than pay for "therapy" go camping and spend time in nature, do some meditation away from civilization. Play backyard sports together. Board games on rainy days. Go to a public library. Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, cook a meal together. Instead of shopping for an expensive new dress break out the sewing machine and make one. There is more satisfaction in making things, creating things.

Spending money on shit is easy for women because they are encouraged to do so by society at every turn. But if they are pointed in the right direction most of them can be socialized to find real satisfaction, not just the instantaneous high of swiping a credit card. That usually requires a family, though. One where she grew up cooking with mom, so she finds cooking pleasurable rather than going out to an expensive restaurant.

We are now in this catch-22 where we don't have the families necessary to socialize girls and boys to become well-adjusted women and men. Girls hop on the cock carousel and the credit carousel quite early. Instant highs and validation through their teens and 20s until that bill comes due.