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Chinese Boomers Explained

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Gotta Work by Amerie

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Tulsi Gabbard & Jocko Willink

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Andrew Yang in New York City

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Joe Rogan and Louie Psihoyos

Louis Psihoyos is a photographer and documentary film director known for his still photography and contributions to National Geographic. His film "The Cove" won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2010.

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Hong Kong by Bloomberg

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Así nació AAINJALA con 150 Tambores

Haz parte de este movimiento socio-cultural

Si tienes entre 5 y 13 años deben inscribirse enviando un correo a y las personas mayores de 14 años deben presentarse a las audiciones a finales de los meses de enero, abril, julio y octubre.


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Deep Clean by DUST

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We Are by HAEVN

Walking through the dark night
Calling out your name
Waiting for an answer
How do we end up here

I try to find a shoreline
With no ground beneath my feet
I miss your hand in mine now
And try to understand

Cold, we are, we are, we are
And cold, we are, we are, we are
And baby we're lost
Come home with me

Once we were like sunlight
Nothing in between
But now we share a distance
No shadows at our feet

I'm blinded by desire
No horizon that I see
I feel the cold of raindrops
Salted by my tears

Cold, we are, we are, we are
And Cold, we are, we are, we are
And baby we're lost
Come home with me

And we walk until
A new day will break
Until the hurt wears off
And the storm will fade
We will talk again
About the difference
And we'll both see
That our love has grown

And baby we're lost
Come home with me

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Your Love by Matute

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Andrew Yang in New Hampshire

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Hong Kong Airport Shut Down

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These Freedoms We Hold Dear

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Tulsi Gabbard on MSNBC

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POET: Human + Nature

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Killer Micro Drones

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children... This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron." - President Dwight D. Eisenhower

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My Man by Delacey & Louis Bell


Oh, that’s where you’re wrong, hater. If you only read the Economist or Thomas Friedman or listened to NPR you would know that no one is responsible. No one, goyim. It’s not actual people with names and addresses making these decisions, it’s global forces. Global forces, goyim.

Economic systems are not created to serve people, people were created to serve economic systems developed at the University of Chicago … er… I mean … that develop spontaneously out of global forces. Global forces, goyim.

Not that any of you would understand but there’s a cognitive elite, you see. And under perfectly natural and fair conditions, through the inexorable power of global forces, all wealth naturally flows to this cognitive elite. Anyway…,Just shut up and read the Economist, shit kickers. It’s all there. Every week. If you don’t want to read, just listen to NPR. They’ll read it to you in soft, soothing yet authoritative tones. Bottom line: No one is responsible.

No one, goyim. Except maybe you. If you can’t make it economically, if you just can’t compete in the new world created 100% by global forces, maybe it’s time to take the opiate exit. No one is responsible. No one (except you). Why can’t you seem to get that through your fat, soy stuffed heads?

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Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

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Hong Kong Protest at Police HQ

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Andrew Yang Rallies Fans


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Hong Kong vs. Carrie Lam

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Julian Assange by RT

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared in court on Friday. Top independent journalists from the world over flocked to UK to cover his trial. Rick Sanchez explains what’s at stake. We’ll also hear from acclaimed documentarian John Pilger. Then host of “On Contact” Chris Hedges joins live from London, UK to discuss the case against Assange.

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Hong Kong by Johnny Harris

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Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 2019

Reltihlieh says:

Our ancestors didn’t bother to pedestalize pussy. There may have been the odd Abelard or two but generally pussy was a commodity that you could just grab and use, if nowhere else, than at a brothel. Our ancestors had bigger, better and loftier things to worry about like exploration, conquest and invention.

TV and movies have created the image of the hard-to-attain woman who is “complicated”, who just wants to love and be happy… so delicate yet powerful… so tender yet formidable… a reservoir of beauty and strength decked in fragility that isn’t fragility. But she can’t… find what she wants… because.

And the poor males of today are devoting all their energy to unravel and gratify this out-of-the-world ethereal enigma of a woman, making her the Holy Grail of male salvation.

Fuck that.

“The glory of Rome” is a very powerful meme if you try and ‘deconstruct’ it. What is a scantily clad strumpet if nothing more than flesh and pubes with a few layers of makeup on? What is she when you compare her “BODY” to the great human civilizations? While I won’t belittle the women of yore who lived lives of discipline and hardship, who struggled and raised sons and daughters, I have no respect of these recent sluts who think the world is theirs because they can walk around jutting their tits in a skimpy top designed by some faggot.

Everytime you see a woman who is strutting her wares aggressively screaming for attention but pretends like the whole world is at fault for stare-raping her, just repeat the line “The glory of Rome is forever” and ignore her. That’s what I do and trust me it drives most of them insane.

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Lucky Strike by Dreamcatcher 드림캐쳐

CharlesWorthing says:

Bangladeshis were converted to Islam during the conquest of India.

At that time the area of Chittagong region was sparsely populated. In the Chittagong Hill tracts (CHT) there were just indigenous Mong type people.

Today, 99% of the CHT capital population is Bengali. The Bangladesh army has camps all over the CHT. In concert with Bengali settlers, they flushed out the natives. The UN brokered a treaty for Bengalis to return the CHT to natives but, as Israel has no interest, nothing happens.

After the 1971 war, when the area of Teknaf was still sparsely populated, the Bangladesh Navy asked for Volunteers from Noakali to go settle St Martin’s island, which was empty. This was a deliberate move to settle land which had been Burmese.

Rohingya are Chittagong dialect speaking Bengalis. Most of them went to Burma in the 70s/80s/90s.

The expulsion of Rohingya was a reaction to 100 simultaneous attacks on Myanmar ay posts. Muslims plan to annex Arakan.

700,000+ Rohingya came back to Bangladesh. Of those 10-15% were babies or very small children. They were deliberately trying to take over the state with high birth rates.

Hindu Bengalis have told me that Imams tell Bengali Muslims to expand their population as rapidly as possible. Over there, it is about conquering land, over here in the west they can use our taxes to educate, clothe and feed their kids.

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China NEEDS an ENEMY to Survive

China is doing what all corrupt empires do. Blaming outsiders for their problems. For example, when the USA mismanages banking, it goes to war. Elites in government use war to distract poor people from the suffering of domestic problems. It is my hope that someday this will be taught in schools, and that children will be taught to solve their own problems in society instead of exporting them. I'd like to think the future version of civics will be like good housekeeping. Wash your dishes, sweep your floors, pick up your toys, etc. The corrupt version the USA has now is "go outside and throw rocks at your neighbors." It's really shameful.

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LINES with Ståle Sandbech

Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness. - Alejandro Jodorowsky

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Under Black Flags We March

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Rising China by Graham Allison

The Inquisition was a Roman Catholic tribunal for discovery and punishment of heresy, which was marked by the severity of questioning and punishment and lack of rights afforded to the accused.

While many people associate the Inquisition with Spain and Portugal, it was actually instituted by Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) in Rome. A later pope, Pope Gregory IX established the Inquisition, in 1233, to combat the heresy of the Abilgenses, a religious sect in France. By 1255, the Inquisition was in full gear throughout Central and Western Europe; although it was never instituted in England or Scandinavia.

Initially a tribunal would open at a location and an edict of grace would be published calling upon those who are conscious of heresy to confess; after a period of grace, the tribunal officers could make accusations. Those accused of heresy were sentenced at an auto de fe, Act of Faith. Clergyman would sit at the proceedings and would deliver the punishments. Punishments included confinement to dungeons, physical abuse and torture. Those who reconciled with the church were still punished and many had their property confiscated, as well as were banished from public life. Those who never confessed were burned at the stake without strangulation; those who did confess were strangled first. During the 16th and 17th centuries, attendance at auto de fe reached as high as the attendance at bullfights.

In the beginning, the Inquisition dealt only with Christian heretics and did not interfere with the affairs of Jews. However, disputes about Maimonides’ books (which addressed the synthesis of Judaism and other cultures) provided a pretext for harassing Jews and, in 1242, the Inquisition condemned the Talmud and burned thousands of volumes. In 1288, the first mass burning of Jews on the stake took place in France.

In 1481 the Inquisition started in Spain and ultimately surpassed the medieval Inquisition, in both scope and intensity. Conversos (Secret Jews) and New Christians were targeted because of their close relations to the Jewish community, many of whom were Jews in all but their name. Fear of Jewish influence led Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand to write a petition to the Pope asking permission to start an Inquisition in Spain. In 1483 Tomas de Torquemada became the inquisitor-general for most of Spain, he set tribunals in many cities. Also heading the Inquisition in Spain were two Dominican monks, Miguel de Morillo and Juan de San Martin.

First, they arrested Conversos and notable figures in Seville; in Seville more than 700 Conversos were burned at the stake and 5,000 repented. Tribunals were also opened in Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia. An Inquisition Tribunal was set up in Ciudad Real, where 100 Conversos were condemned, and it was moved to Toledo in 1485. Between 1486-1492, 25 auto de fes were held in Toledo, 467 people were burned at the stake and others were imprisoned. The Inquisition finally made its way to Barcelona, where it was resisted at first because of the important place of Spanish Conversos in the economy and society.

More than 13,000 Conversos were put on trial during the first 12 years of the Spanish Inquisition. Hoping to eliminate ties between the Jewish community and Conversos, the Jews of Spain were expelled in 1492..

The next phase of the Inquisition began in Portugal in 1536: King Manuel I had initially asked Pope Leo X to begin an inquisition in 1515, but only after Leo's death in 1521 did Pope Paul III agree to Manuel's request. Thousands of Jews came to Portugal after the 1492 expulsion. A Spanish style Inquisition was constituted and tribunals were set up in Lisbon and other cities. Among the Jews who died at the hands of the Inquisition were well-known figures of the period such as Isaac de Castro Tartas, Antonio Serrao de Castro and Antonio Jose da Silva. The Inquisition never stopped in Spain and continued until the late 18th century.

By the second half of the 18th century, the Inquisition abated, due to the spread of enlightened ideas and lack of resources. The last auto de fe in Portugal took place on October 27, 1765. Not until 1808, during the brief reign of Joseph Bonaparte, was the Inquisition abolished in Spain. An estimated 31,912 heretics were burned at the stake, 17,659 were burned in effigy and 291,450 made reconciliations in the Spanish Inquisition. In Portugal, about 40,000 cases were tried, although only 1,800 were burned, the rest made penance.

The Inquisition was not limited to Europe; it also spread to Spanish and Portugese colonies in the New World and Asia. Many Jews and Conversos fled from Portugal and Spain to the New World seeking greater security and economic opportunities. Branches of the Portugese Inquisition were set up in Goa and Brazil. Spanish tribunals and auto de fes were set up in Mexico, the Philippine Islands, Guatemala, Peru, New Granada and the Canary Islands. By the late 18th century, most of these were dissolved.

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Conflict with China and USA?

"In the same month in which their Majesties [Ferdinand and Isabella] issued the edict that all Jews should be driven out of the kingdom and its territories, in the same month they gave me the order to undertake with sufficient men my expedition of discovery to the Indies." So begins Christopher Columbus's diary. The expulsion that Columbus refers to was so cataclysmic an event that ever since, the date 1492 has been almost as important in Jewish history as in American history. On July 30 of that year, the entire Jewish community, some 200,000 people, were expelled from Spain.

Tens of thousands of refugees died while trying to reach safety. In some instances, Spanish ship captains charged Jewish passengers exorbitant sums, then dumped them overboard in the middle of the ocean. In the last days before the expulsion, rumors spread throughout Spain that the fleeing refugees had swallowed gold and diamonds, and many Jews were knifed to death by brigands hoping to find treasures in their stomachs.

The Jews' expulsion had been the pet project of the Spanish Inquisition, headed by Father Tomas de Torquemada. Torquemada believed that as long as the Jews remained in Spain, they would influence the tens of thousands of recent Jewish converts to Christianity to continue practicing Judaism. Ferdinand and Isabella rejected Torquemada's demand that the Jews be expelled until January 1492, when the Spanish Army defeated Muslim forces in Granada, thereby restoring the whole of Spain to Christian rule. With their most important project, the country's unification, accomplished, the king and queen concluded that the Jews were expendable. On March 30, they issued the expulsion decree, the order to take effect in precisely four months. The short time span was a great boon to the rest of Spain, as the Jews were forced to liquidate their homes and businesses at absurdly low prices. Throughout those frantic months, Dominican priests actively encouraged Jews to convert to Christianity and thereby gain salvation both in this world and the next.

The most fortunate of the expelled Jews succeeded in escaping to Turkey. Sultan Bajazet welcomed them warmly. "How can you call Ferdinand of Aragon a wise king," he was fond of asking, "the same Ferdinand who impoverished his own land and enriched ours?" Among the most unfortunate refugees were those who fled to neighboring Portugal. In 1496, King Manuel of Portugal concluded an agreement to marry Isabella, the daughter of Spain's monarchs. As a condition of the marriage, the Spanish royal family insisted that Portugal expel her Jews. King Manuel agreed, although he was reluctant to lose his affluent and accomplished Jewish community.

In the end, only eight Portuguese Jews were actually expelled; tens of thousands of others were forcibly converted to Christianity on pain of death. The chief rabbi, Simon Maimi, was one of those who refused to convert. He was kept buried in earth up to his neck for seven days until he died. In the final analysis, all of these events took place because of the relentless will of one man, Tomas de Torquemada.

The Spanish Jews who ended up in Turkey, North Africa, Italy, and elsewhere throughout Europe and the Arab world, were known as Sephardim — Sefarad being the Hebrew name for Spain. After the expulsion, the Sephardim imposed an informal ban forbidding Jews from ever again living in Spain. Specifically because their earlier sojourn in that country had been so happy, the Jews regarded the expulsion as a terrible betrayal, and have remembered it ever since with particular bitterness. Of the dozens of expulsions directed against Jews throughout their history, the one from Spain remains the most infamous.

The Alhambra Decree was officially overturned on December 16, 1968, at the Second Vatican Council.

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I'm so glad they bought all the media companies. It's fantastic now.

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Joshua Haupt

At the age of 14, Joshua Haupt woke up in an ambulance. He was supposed to be in school, but he had suffered a seizure at the breakfast table. Later that day, Haupt was diagnosed with epilepsy.That diagnosis eventually led Haupt down the path to become an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. Today, Haupt, 32, is worth millions, including a 16 percent stake in Medicine Man Technologies.

Haupt, who lives in Denver, made his fortune after selling a cannabis guidebook company, Pono Publications, and marijuana nutrient line, Success Nutrients. In 2017, he sold both companies to cannabis consulting firm Medicine Man Technologies, for 7 million shares in Medicine Man. Haupt personally owns 4.4 million shares in Medicine Man, according to May 2017 SEC filings, which are currently worth about $9 million.

In his late teens and early 20s, Haupt's family wasn't sure he was headed down the right path. While in high school, he began growing cannabis to help prevent his epileptic seizures. In Colorado, where he lives, medical marijuana has been legal for epileptics since 2000. The father-of-two says he is now seizure-free. At age 24, he replaced his epilepsy medication with CBD, a non-psychoactive component of marijuana. In 2018, the FDA approved Epidiolex, the first prescription drug containing CBD, to treat two rare and severe forms of epilepsy.

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Public School by ReallyGraceful


When the Jews took over Russia with their Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, they immediately tortured to death and murdered 40,000 Christian monks and priests, turned the Christian Churches into warehouses and horse barns, and then went on to murder, brutally torture and starve to death another 60 million Russians and Ukrainians. Those Jews were following perfectly the methods described in the Protocols.

It’s interesting to note that publishing anything critical of the Jews or saying anything that does not compliment them or praise them highly enough, is anti-Semitism, according to their own definition. Under the dictatorship of the jews, the very first law decreed by Lenin was to proclaim the death penalty for anti-Semitism.

“You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.”– Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and critic of Communist totalitarianism

The Jerusalem Post:

The only way to stop antisemitism is to criminalize it, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon told reporters in New York on Monday. “The time for talking and having a conversation is over,” Danon said. “What Israel and the Jewish community around the world demand is action - and now."

Danon, speaking on the sidelines of the United Nations Security Council meeting, said that those who engage in antisemitism "must be punished. Whether it is here at the UN [or by] political leaders, editors, policy pundits or college professors, it does not matter. “Antisemitism should have no place in our society," he continued. "Until it becomes criminal, this bigotry will persist; it will fester."

froggy says:

I’m sorry, when did we get to have a conversation?

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Dance Dance Dance by RATT

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China by ReallyGraceful

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Subverse by StudioFOW

Both men and women become more manly as they age. - Ms. Bacon Bandit

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Notre Dame Fire

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Tulsi Gabbard on Saudi Arabia

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Julian Assange by Jimmy Dore

AltonRocht says: Judeocapitalism has been a much more destructive force in the United States than socialism has, this isn’t even a debate. The way forward isn’t nonstop right-wing whining about communism, despite what the people at Fox and Trump himself seem to think. It’s based on combining common-sense economic policies (high taxes on the rich, labor protection, and NO immigration), with social conservatism.

Walter Jeffrey says: The US needs a balance between both Socialism and Capitalism. Collectivism and individualism. Lower classes must be supported because they support the upper classes, also people need incentive and ability to reach upper classes.

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The Bunny Hop from 1953

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America is a Business

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Andrew Yang WTF Interview

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Michael Hudson Explains Money

Feb 1, 2019 at 1:47 pm

The main area where Japan refuses to allow imports that would be cheaper than what it produces at home would be agricultural products – from rice to beef to apple to liquor, Japan’s home producers are protected from cheaper foreign imports by a labyrinthine system of tariffs and import regulations that jack up the cost of any item imported into Japan and keeps its less efficient producers at home in business. Japan has a consumption tax too on top of that.

The key question I’ve been asking myself has been – why hasn’t the massive money printing in Japan and the US over the last two decades caused hyperinflation already, as happened in Weimar Germany, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and the US in the 1970s?

Inflation, and hyperinflation, fundamentally start when a country that needs to import certain key goods finds the cost of those goods has skyrocketed.

Now, when a country highly dependent on those imports starts overprinting money, the value of its currency to its trading partners normally collapses, causing prices in its own currency to skyrocket, and setting off a general cycle of inflation/hyperinflation at home.

That’s the Standard Model of Hyperinflation.

It sort of happened to the US in the late 1970s. At the time the US had developed a heavy dependence on imported oil, which had a much larger role in its entire economy than it does today At the same time, the industries of Europe and Japan had recovered from the devastation of WWII and were ascendant.

Wolf had a great article showing how the dollar started dropping as a world reserve currency during that time hitting a low if 40% by the mid 1980s

The Oil Crises of the 1970s and the rising cost of oil were responsible for about 2/3 of the inflation that occurred, according to most economists. Wage inflation also occurred in response, as unions were still strong and many American workers were protected by COLA contracts that raised their wages automatically with inflation. The Federal government had not yet rigged its Consumer Price Index calculations to artificially lower inflation rates.

In the 1980s, Reagan sweet talked the Saudis into turning the oil spigots back on and dropping oil prices (thus crashing the US oil industry for over a decade) – mostly by arming them to the hilt- selling them the best American weapons and building military bases, etc

Changing the CPI formula, crushing unions with right to work laws, starting the wave of off shoring of manufacturing, increased automation, the development of fracking in the US oil industry – all these factors have kept wage and price inflation low in the US since the 1970s

The US is hugely dependent on imports now and runs perpetual trade deficits. The great majority of US trading partners are either beholden to us for their military security (Taiwan, S Korea, Japan) or have shakier economies that hugely depend on selling their stuff to us (China, Mexico, and every Third or Second World country that we buy stuff from)

They can’t afford to stop taking our overprinted dollars or charging us more because we’ll just go somewhere else cheaper and, because the dollar is the world reserve currency, some other poor country will take it. With the trade war going on against China and prices rising there, this is already happening, with manufacturers moving to Vietnam, Thailand, India, and elsewhere

And so we are living high off our WWII legacy as the world reserve currency. Japan is avoiding hyperinflation by keeping imports low, consumption low, prices at home high, and savings high.

It still all looks like a house of cards, a flimsy dam built to hold back a rising flood of debt, in both countries.

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The Real Reason by LTA

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

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Australian Bounty Hunters

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Christian Culture by Putin

Real eyes realize real lies.

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China's Real Estate Bubble

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Licun District in Qingdao

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Shenzhen by Bloomberg

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Rap in China by ADV China

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Standup in China by Joe Wong

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