Saturday, April 22, 2017

Jamie Foxx on HOT 97

submitted 2 years ago by md619

So next time you're struggling to define "alpha" or whether an action "is alpha", ask yourself one question: does it get women wet? And by wet I don't mean the obligatory birthday sex wives will give out to their husbands. I mean true desire that comes without the cost of beta bucks. Vajingletingles.

There is one thing alpha males have in common, and that is that women will fuck instinctively fuck them FOR THEIR DNA. Not because it's the third date. Not because you have money to provide for her kids. But because her body is telling her to secure the "good genes" side of her hypergamous desire. She can find a beta schlub later on to provide for the kid if she needs to.

That's what makes vajingletingles so decisive. It has nothing to do with morality or your biased, personal interpretation of how the world should be. It's not even a "choice". It's simply biology and instinct.

Serial killer murders 10 people and gets love letters everyday in prison? Alpha. Rock star has women lined up back stage just to fuck? Alpha. Guy picks up a girl at a club, takes her home and she happily participates in a ONS? Alpha.

So let there be no more debate. The redpill is a place for harsh truths, and one of those truths is that alpha isn't necessarily what most people would consider a shining example of a human being. Nor is it necessarily the highest point of what a man should strive to be. It's simply desire.