Friday, January 27, 2023

ChatGPT and OpenAI

It was never a contest about who was right. We didn't want to win.
We only tried to tell you out of loving compassion for your life.
Their lies are so blazingly obvious it beggars description.
Even now, after all the corruption has come to light.
The fallen scream their torments, mocking the faithful.
Yea, brothers, tho' we walk amongst demons,
Glory to the Lord, we shall fear no evil.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Critical Thinking by BBC Ideas

1. Beware of confirmation bias. Be actively prepared to change your mind.
2. Embrace nuance and complexity. First principles.
3. Practice intellectual humility. Truly listen to the other person.
4. Check your sources. Lookout for vested interests or motives.
5. Avoid straw man fallacies and ad hominems.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

On Ukraine

After the Feb 2022 invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, the signatories to the Minsk agreement came out and mocked it, saying they never intended to uphold it and only signed it to slow the Russian invasion. This has never happened before in the history of modern diplomacy. Among other things, the admissions from Western leaders that they entered this agreement with the intension of violating it proves that they knew their policies were going to cause a war, which again proves "Russia invaded for no reason" is a false narrative.

For 8 years, Russia allowed the coup government to remain as long as "the west" didn't install nuclear missles and bioweapons labs on the Russian border. Russia repeatedly requested to join NATO, but "they" will never forgive the Tsars for freeing orthodox Christians from Jewish slavery in 1861. Ironically, the same year "they" sponsored the civil war in the USA. Vladmir Putin, by making Christianity the offical state religion, has effectively removed the stench of judeo-bolshevik communism from Russia. Which is why supporting the judeo-ukraine region is so important to NATO.

Understand that most people are victims of the media, and nothing posted here is a secret. It's all very easily available and has been widely reported for nearly 20 years. If you have opinions on things you know nothing about, we could safely define that as "amoral", since you are just "doing what they tell you to do." Anyone familiar with a history book knows how well that works out. The hero's journey is one of truth. So brothers, bow your heads and pray for strength, wisdom, and courage.

Women are amoral. Women are not good or bad. Their behavior is entirely based on the environment. There are no "traditional" women in America, just as there are no "liberated" women in Afghanistan. Morals and logic are for honorable men. Men who hold words in esteem, as ideals, as contracts to be fulfilled or broken. Women and jews will change the meaning of words using by "redefining language", "managing perception", "thought leaders", and "lawfare". "They" will move the means goalposts as necessary to achieve short term ends. There is no honor in bleating sheep. Know your history, for it is the only thing that will inform your choices for our children's future.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023


I realize my default mode these days is "snarky asshole", but I pray every day for wisdom, and apparently this morning I've been tasked with clarity regarding the issue of feminism. We all know exceptional women individuals who bring light and joy and foundation to our lives. Bless their hearts. <3

Unfortunately, their brilliant efforts are made irrelevant if you genocide your own civilization. It all boils down to a wonderful word from evolutionary psychology called "hypergamy". This is a simple mechanism by which females will rarely "date down", they generally only want male partners who are more successful than them.

Now, in modern western feminism, if your civilization collectively decides to print a bunch of central bank money, then give women a bunch of college degrees and office jobs, you switch from a production economy to a debt economy, where half the women make as much or more money than half the men.

The result, mathematically, is that women will then pursue the top 10 to 20% of men. Which results in a sexual marketplace where 10 to 20% of men are smashing 40 to 60% of the women before marriage. Which then results in a generation where 20 to 40% of children are raised by single moms.

Without a father in the home, polarity ensues, and by the second and third generations, not only is there an increase in fatherless offspring, but we also see a severe drop in both marriage rates and birth rates. Among these fatherless children, there are corresponding increases in drug overdose rates, suicide, and homicide rates. The keywords here are "below replacement level."

I often get asked what I think about various geopolitical issues. Over the past five years, I've grown fond of replying, "It doesn't matter what I think. It only matters who wins." Meaning, if whites are currently 9% of global population, and by 2075 are 5% of global population, and by 2100 are 1% of global population... Then by definition one might say the whites in that scenario did not win.

For any of you gamers that ever played Sid Meier's Civilization, you will know that by that point you probably should have chosen a different starting team. Perhaps the Aztecs, or Mongols, Chinese, or Egyptians. Or, you might retort, "But in the battles, our military had a kill ratio of 10 to 1." OK fair point, but if the enemy has 20x more troops you still lose. They can also replace troops 5x faster than you can. Oh, and your judeo-feminist ruling class imports them into your native population, so you can't really tell which units are friendly and which units are enemies. Good luck buddy! =)

Using basic math, this tells you any civilization giving power of mate selection to women will basically issue a death sentence for that civilization. The only question is time. Will it take 80 years or 250 years? Can it be reversed? Looking at the sexual marketplace demographics, I highly doubt it. But sure, perhaps there is a chance of some amazing new innovation changing pair bonding mechanics. I am, of course, just modeling with the technology and asset management systems we have today.

Another cheerful puzzle piece is the fetishized "666" moniker: 6 pack abs, 6 feet tall, 6 figure income. Suffice to say, I see a lot of hot women every day in Asia pair bonded with guys that don't meet this judeo-feminist "ideal man". But I digress.

I could continue this fascinating lecture into related topics for another 30 minutes, but for the sake of brevity I'm going to end it here. I just wanted to take a short break from composing smart assed remarks and apocalyptic memes. I leave you with the classic joke titled, "The Husband Store", posted to my blog in April 2017.

Hearts and Prayers. And Happy Tet Holiday 2023! Meow. ^_^