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Forever (Pt. II) by Snakehips & Kaleem Taylor

Some years ago, officials at the Kruger National Park and game reserve in South Africa were faced with a growing elephant problem. The population of African elephants, once endangered, had grown larger than the park could sustain. So measures had to be taken to thin the ranks. A plan was devised to relocate some of the elephants to other African game reserves. Being enormous creatures, elephants are not easily transported. So a special harness was created to air-lift the elephants and fly them out of the park using helicopters.

The helicopters were up to the task, but, as it turned out, the harness wasn’t. It could handle the juvenile and adult female elephants, but not the huge African bull elephants. A quick solution had to be found, so a decision was made to leave the much larger bulls at Kruger and relocate only some of the female elephants and juvenile males.

The problem was solved. The herd was thinned out, and all was well at Kruger National Park. Sometime later, however, a strange problem surfaced at South Africa’s other game reserve, Pilanesburg National Park, the younger elephants’ new home.

Rangers at Pilanesburg began finding the dead bodies of endangered white rhinoceros. At first, poachers were suspected, but the huge rhinos had not died of gunshot wounds, and their precious horns were left intact. The rhinos appeared to be killed violently, with deep puncture wounds. Not much in the wild can kill a rhino, so rangers set up hidden cameras throughout the park.

The result was shocking. The culprits turned out to be marauding bands of aggressive juvenile male elephants, the very elephants relocated from Kruger National Park a few years earlier. The young males were caught on camera chasing down the rhinos, knocking them over, and stomping and goring them to death with their tusks. The juvenile elephants were terrorizing other animals in the park as well. Such behavior was very rare among elephants. Something had gone terribly wrong.

Some of the park rangers settled on a theory. What had been missing from the relocated herd was the presence of the large dominant bulls that remained at Kruger. In natural circumstances, the adult bulls provide modeling behaviors for younger elephants, keeping them in line.

Juvenile male elephants, Dr. Horn pointed out, experience “musth,” a state of frenzy triggered by mating season and increases in testosterone. Normally, dominant bulls manage and contain the testosterone-induced frenzy in the younger males. Left without elephant modeling, the rangers theorized, the younger elephants were missing the civilizing influence of their elders as nature and pachyderm protocol intended.

To test the theory, the rangers constructed a bigger and stronger harness, then flew in some of the older bulls left behind at Kruger. Within weeks, the bizarre and violent behavior of the juvenile elephants stopped completely. The older bulls let them know that their behaviors were not elephant-like at all. In a short time, the younger elephants were following the older and more dominant bulls around while learning how to be elephants.

- Wade Horn, Ph.D. “Of Elephants and Men”

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Jimmy Dore & Joe Rogan

What Is Love?
Reciprocal obsession.
- Heartiste

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Jeff Ross Roasts The Breakfast Club

Paraphrasing HL Mencken’s dark pill: The illusion that one woman is different than the others by virtue of her acting as if the sun rises and sets in your pants. For the beta, willing to die for someone or something. For the alpha, willing to kill for someone or something. - ReplyHawk

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Domination by BAND-MAID

“A common pattern has emerged for women. Marry and have kids with a husband helping raise them during those early difficult years. Then divorce after they’re in school, and collect child support. This gets the children she wants without the bother of having a husband.”

The relationship between men and women is just one element of what’s going on. There is also the woman’s relationship with the kids. For women after divorce, the kids are no longer “our kids” but “my kids.” This is another unintended effect of the court system assigning kids to one spouse. They become a possession, if only on a subconscious level.

What I’m seeing now on social media are women who get married briefly, then cast aside the husband and become a sort of “couple” with the child. If it’s a girl, she becomes her “best friend.” If it’s a boy, he’s her “little man.” Photos alone tell the story. These women inevitably pose with their children in the same way they previously did with their man. Someday, sociologists will look back on this and wonder.

In essence, the kid becomes a surrogate spouse. The term “surrogate spouse” was invented by psychologists to describe relationships in which adults enlist a child to take on the emotional supporting of role of adult.

That phrase also connoted something abnormal. My fear is that this is now so widespread that it’s becoming the norm. “Emotional incest” with children is slowly replacing standard marriage for women.

I think this is the reason we’re seeing so much dysfunction with Millennials. Years ago, mom and dad were a team and pushed the kids along on their way to adulthood. But today, the parent-child relationship seems to go on and on because when the kids go away, it’s like a second divorce for mom. Not good. – Days of Broken Arrows

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ADAM: Episode 1

Adam is a Webby Award winning short film created with the Unity game engine and rendered in real time. It’s built to showcase and test out the graphical quality achievable with Unity in 2016. The Unity Demo Team built Adam with beta versions of Unity 5.4 and our upcoming cinematic sequencer tool.

Adam also utilizes an experimental implementation of real-time area lights and makes extensive use of high fidelity physics simulation tool CaronteFX, which you can get from the Unity Asset Store right now. To make Adam, the Demo Team developed custom tools and features on top of Unity including volumetric fog, a transparency shader and motion blur to cover specific production needs.

Digital assets available at
Oats Studios

Writer / Director / Art Director - Veselin Efremov
Tech Lead - Torbjorn Laedre
Animation Director - Krasimir Nechevski
Production Designer - Georgi Simeonov
Character Artist - Plamen ‘Paco’ Tamnev
Graphics Programmer - Robert Cupisz
Junior Programmer - Dominykas Kiauleikis
VFX Artist - Zdravko Pavlov
Producer - Silvia Rasheva