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Sociopaths vs. Psychopaths

Sociopaths tend to be nervous and easily agitated. They are volatile and prone to emotional outbursts, including fits of rage. They are likely to be uneducated and live on the fringes of society, unable to hold down a steady job or stay in one place for very long. It is difficult but not impossible for sociopaths to form attachments with others. Many sociopaths are able to form an attachment to a particular individual or group, although they have no regard for society in general or its rules. In the eyes of others, sociopaths will appear to be very disturbed. Any crimes committed by a sociopath, including murder, will tend to be haphazard, disorganized and spontaneous rather than planned.

One of the best ways to tell if you're dealing with a sociopath is to watch how they respond to criticism. Often, these people will reflect back your own criticism resulting in a feeling of confusion. Arguing about reality with a sociopath is a constant struggle to remain upright in a crooked room because a sociopath is adept at making themselves appear victimized when they themselves are behaving badly.

Symptoms include:
- Repeated acts that could lead to arrest.
- Scamming for pleasure or profit, repeated lying, and the use of aliases.
- Failure to plan ahead or being impulsive.
- Repeated assaults on others.
- Reckless when it comes to their own or others' safety.
- Poor work behavior or failure to honor financial obligations.
- Rationalizing the pain they inflict on others.

Psychopaths, on the other hand, are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, although they often have disarming or even charming personalities. Psychopaths are very manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They learn to mimic emotions, despite their inability to actually feel them, and will appear normal to unsuspecting people. Psychopaths are often well educated and hold steady jobs. Some are so good at manipulation and mimicry that they have families and other long-term relationships without those around them ever suspecting their true nature.

I'd say with modern social media programming, we are all required to be psychos to some degree just to retain freedom of thought. Once you give in and get addicted to facebook, you've basically become a consumer drone bee and lose your ability to be creative. I'm not sure where Cuckerberg plans to take us, but the Seinfeld interview was spot on.

- credit to Jessica Hui, Cecili Chadwick, and Psychology Today, January 2014

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UKF Podcast #83 by Pola & Bryson

Jhene Aiko - The Worst (Lenzman Remix)
Tokyo Prose - Fragmented You ft. Milton
LSB - Remedy
Pola & Bryson - Diamonds Fall ft. Loz Contreras
Phaction - If Only ft. Hugh Hardie
Pola & Bryson - Nerf
Technimatic - Clockwise > Pola & Bryson - Bad Habit
Eastcolors - Toys > Pola & Bryson - Walk Away
Krakota - North Winds > High Contrast - Everythings Different ft. Ian Shaw
Submotion Orchestra - Empty Love (GLXY Remix)
Pola & Bryson - Talk To Me ft. Tayah Ettienne
Total Science - Infinate Pathways
Arch Origin - Obsolete
Pola & Bryson - Without You
Pola & Bryson - Things I Do
Krakota - Powder Coated ft. London Elektricity > Camo & Krooked - All Night (Etherwood Remix)
S.P.Y - Second Encounter
Spectrasoul - Glimpse ft. dBridge (Ivy Lab Remix)
Nymfo - Everyday Emotions
Hugh Hardie - City Soul ft. Silence Groove
BCee - Sun Goes Down ft. Saint Louis (Pola & Bryson Remix)
Technimatic - Hold On A While ft. Jono McCleery)
Loadstar - BLVD
Pola & Bryson - A Good Thing
Technimatic - It Must Be
Fred V & Grafix - Ultraviolet
Hugh Hardie - Everything Was Nothing ft. Benji Clements
Redeyes - All That Time
Data 3 - You and I ft. BLAKE
Macca & Loz Contreras - Love Me
Pola & Bryson - Cinematic Fireball
Tom Middleton - Wyv Auw Chu (Vandera Remix)
Makoto & Danny Wheeler - Sunshine
Pola & Bryson - Run From You ft. Sammie Bella

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Flashlight by DJ Fresh and Metrix

"The giant prehensile impudent jackhammer. You revel in your cruelty. She reacts with manufactured disapproval, often stifling laughter. A wave of hidden shame releases a continuous state of tingle all day long. Her floodgates open and a thousand ancient dictums are proved right once again." – Hessie Bentura

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Milo at RNC

Karalyn: wait a minute is he in sweden now?
Karalyn: pride is here soon
Markus: he is in america now i think he will be in copenhagen next week
Karalyn: I’ve been to these ghettos
Karalyn: do i go?
Karalyn: homigod
Karalyn: this is monday
Markus: how can you not go lol
Markus: just dont get raped or killed
Karalyn: um where’s my bullet proof vest
Karalyn: wouldn’t you think that they would send in isis to bomb the whole thing?
Karalyn: Markus this is nuts
Markus: just get a bunch of your swedish bfs to go with you and use them as human shields

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Big Fish

A world's record 384-pound black sea bass caught by Franklin Schenck of Brooklyn with rod and reel off Catalina Island, California, on August 17, 1900.

The monster sun fish caught by W.N. McMillan of E. Africa, at Santa Catalina Island, California on April 1, 1910. The weight was estimated at 3,500 lbs.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

1st Cockblastrians Chapter 13

If I give tongue of men or angels, but do not have game, I am only a resounding dong or a banging nympho. If I have the gift of bling and can fathom all punanis and all tsunamis, but do not have game, I am yolo for the coco. If I give all I possess to the slore and give over my body to teh bunglolzhex that I may boast, but do not have game, I am in a world of shit. Game is playful, game is mastery. For we mash in parts and we fuuuuggle in parts, but when the thundarrcockas comes, the fiat-debt simpclucks will pass away. So now these three abide: teasing, touching and telling. But the greatest of these is game. –– tribute to GBFM & Heartiste

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Ballistic BJ Baldwin Recoil 2

What better place than the city streets of Ensenada Mexico, the home of the Baja 1000, to set the stage for the sequel to Ballistic BJ Baldwin's viral hit Recoil. This short film by Monster Energy follows BJ and his 800hp Trophy Truck as he tears through this seaside Mexican city, ripping over every drop and jump the town has to offer in an attempt to win a bet set by his friend, and international playboy Dan Bilzerian. Will he win? What will he lose?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Deep Crow by Penny Arcade