Sunday, June 9, 2019

Lucky Strike by Dreamcatcher 드림캐쳐

CharlesWorthing says:

Bangladeshis were converted to Islam during the conquest of India.

At that time the area of Chittagong region was sparsely populated. In the Chittagong Hill tracts (CHT) there were just indigenous Mong type people.

Today, 99% of the CHT capital population is Bengali. The Bangladesh army has camps all over the CHT. In concert with Bengali settlers, they flushed out the natives. The UN brokered a treaty for Bengalis to return the CHT to natives but, as Israel has no interest, nothing happens.

After the 1971 war, when the area of Teknaf was still sparsely populated, the Bangladesh Navy asked for Volunteers from Noakali to go settle St Martin’s island, which was empty. This was a deliberate move to settle land which had been Burmese.

Rohingya are Chittagong dialect speaking Bengalis. Most of them went to Burma in the 70s/80s/90s.

The expulsion of Rohingya was a reaction to 100 simultaneous attacks on Myanmar ay posts. Muslims plan to annex Arakan.

700,000+ Rohingya came back to Bangladesh. Of those 10-15% were babies or very small children. They were deliberately trying to take over the state with high birth rates.

Hindu Bengalis have told me that Imams tell Bengali Muslims to expand their population as rapidly as possible. Over there, it is about conquering land, over here in the west they can use our taxes to educate, clothe and feed their kids.