Friday, August 10, 2018

Stand Still by Sabrina Claudio

"Thoughts and Prayers" may be trite -- but it's even more trite to point this out. Because anyone who's ever known someone who's suffered a loss has offered thoughts and prayers, and realized that such words and sentiments were inadequate given the tragedy at hand. And anyone in that situation has thought, "I wish I could say more." In fact, starting out a letter of condolence with the statement "My words are inadequate..." is itself cliched and trite.

But here's the thing, anyone who's tried to console someone bereaved has made this observation to himself a hundred times before. No matter how inadequate and trite "thoughts and prayers" may seem, there's really no better way to say it. All words and actions are inadequate when someone loses a parent, or a child, or a spouse, after all.

I myself have tried to think of something more profound and novel twenty times before -- and I've failed every time. So yes, "thoughts and prayers" is a a little trite -- but it's far more trite and callow to claim it's trite. Because anyone with a functioning neuron and some experience at comforting a bereaved person knows that as trite as "thoughts and prayers" is, there is simply no set of words or action that work some kind of magic to bring the lost one back to life. In the face of death, all words and deeds of man are trite and insignificant. – robotCircuits