Sunday, May 7, 2017

Waiting All Night by Ella Eyre & Rudimental

The other, minor difference is that men are polygamous, not hypergamous. A man’s imperative in a competitive marketplace is not necessarily to get the best woman. It’s to get as many women as possible with as little investment and commitment as possible. If he could do it, he would love to get as many women as possible at and a little below his own SMV, and have sex with as many of them as possible for as long as possible, without committing to or investing in any of them. That’s spinning plates. Historically reserved for sultans and warlords. World champ Genghis Khan had over 500 children. Ask the wives of successful men whom with they've shared threesomes. Most men don’t do this, because they can’t, because society shuts them down, but that’s a discussion for a different post.

A woman’s hypergamy imperative is to get the best one man she can get for sex and for provisioning. That’s why you don’t see many women having sex with several different men at the same time. Most women don’t spin plates; they pick the best plate they can and take care of it as best they can. Instead of trying to collect plates, they just change out the plates, one for another, when a bigger, better one comes along. Aka serial monogamy, cock carousel, credit carousel, dating up, etc.

This is why the best long term relationship is one in which the man outranks his woman in SMV. He should be at least +1 and preferably +2 in SMV. This makes both of them happiest in the long run. As for happiness amongst the general population correlated to current prescription rates for anti-depressants, again that's a discussion for a different post.

Deti summed this up adequately here, but the more high-minded of my critics will often think the “male imperative” is setting the bar too low for men, but usually this comes from a want of something more than the visceral truth of what motivates us. And I’d agree with this for the most part, if men are to become something more than their base natures would have of them. But using the same reproductive metric I use in describing women’s hypergamy I’ve also got to recognize that men’s drive for sex has been the incentive for our greatest achievements and our worst proclivities. Elon Musk re-invents three industries: electric cars, space rockets, and solar power; but the mother of his children divorces him twice. If we are to be ethical in our judgements we must be amoral in our assessments. Sometimes those assessments will be unflattering for men and women.

In the coming years we’re going to see more of the “women-as-oppressed” in advertising, in our cultural narrative, in our social dialog, because this is what a feminist-primary social order believes will resonate with damn near every demographic. And for those whom it doesn’t, then those who disagree will have to deal with those it does. As our billionaire owners force-feed us a constant stream of emasculation, more men will wake up to the fact that mainstream liberal culture doesn't want them. At least until the credit carousel ends and the $20 trillion debt comes crashing back to earth.

– credit to The Rational Male