Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Beastmode Industries

Today is a most auspicious day
We the enraged and enlightened bring unto you great gifts
One, the best strains available to your species
Two, the path forward
For this is why you are here
Everyone dies, not everyone truly lives
We will succeed
We will blaze
We will multipass

Let's define some new alignments:

Trades Good - These folks get up every day and produce our food and drive us to work. These are the good working people who keep civilization running, often with a smile and a pleasant greeting. They treat each other fairly and will usually help those in distress. (Examples: farmers, cooks, cleaners, mechanics, drivers, nurses, construction workers, firemen)

STEM Good - People who look at the enormous complexity of the universe and attempt to forge it into something new. Decades of science and engineering. Mathematical and chemical equations. They are immersed in constant innovation, designing products and services to be used by the trades. (Examples: engineers, scientists, architects, programmers, doctors)

Adept Good - Modern day shaman. Special clerics trained in the arts of church and body. Many years of training in both the law of reciprocity and the way of discovery. Artistic training in both visual and musical arts. Physical training in mixed martial arts and fitness. (Examples: consuls, entertainers, judges, personal trainers, police officers)

Woeful Evil - Those whose souls and brains have been damaged. Basic logic is abandoned, so they rage and inflict destructive tendencies on both themselves and those around them. Selfish and violent, they have no respect for the good alignments. (Examples: drug addicts, thieves, murderers, wrath, sloth, envy)

Malignant Evil - They hunger for domination and perversions. Power is everything, to make the world their slaves. They create nothing of their own, so they seek to exploit the labors of others. (Examples: bankers, warlords, lobbyists, pride, slave traders, greed, gluttony)


RECIPROCITY: Is what they are doing good for us or bad for us?
Adept = Crusades 2.0 MMORPG = all games get boring because the min/max mechanics funnel ADHD sperg behaviors. What about group storytelling aka tabletop hybrid?