Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bill Burr On Donald Trump

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One thing that just fucking amazes me - no matter how many times I see it - is people's ability to claim they want something, believe they want something, and then repeatedly do things to achieve the exact opposite result. The lack of self-awareness or insight is just mind boggling.

OK, so let's say I interview Tinderella A, and I ask her what she wants out of her dating life. The answer that I'd get most of the time, if she decides to drop her guard, would be that she would like to meet someone to have a fulfilling relationship with, get married, have kids, the whole nine. A laudable goal, to be sure.

And then, she's going to go on Tinder and swipe right for Chad Thundercock, who immediately tells her he's just interested in "hanging out" and "seeing if there's anything there." Then, she fucks him after a whole half an hour of conversation at a local bar or coffee house. And afterwards laments the "condition of the dating scene."

So, I'm a little older, 35, and what I've noticed about the millennials is that they are absolutely TERRIFIED of making an actual connection with someone. At first, I mistook it for them being vapid, and while there's some of that, there have always been vapid people.

But this generation is the first to be raised with all of this technology. What it has done is extremely interesting. It has basically spread them thin. They have more connections to others than people in the past, but not as many deep ones.

Combine this with hypergamy and you're getting a small population of guys (good looking dark triads) pumping and dumping all of the women in NYC and these highly educated, supposedly intelligent people are at a complete loss as to how to stop it. It is unfuckingbelievable, and completely hilarious.

"In my view it is better to be impetuous than cautious because fortune is a woman, and if you wish to dominate her you must beat her and batter her. It is clear she will let herself be won by men who are impetuous rather than those who step cautiously." – Niccolo Machiavelli