Friday, April 3, 2015

Work Bitch LoLos Remix

* Bluetooth ballgag courtesy of Beats by Dre

"Woman has no primary interest in a great or artistic man, she does not prefer him to a successful and rich soap-boiler, and what is more, she never knows he is great until the world acknowledges him as such."

"If in the Europe of today, and in all countries like Europe, it is material success alone that is regarded as the highest value, and if money is the principal hallmark of power and prestige, it is due to the ascendancy of women in our midst. Women cannot take any other point of view, and where their influence tends to prevail, as it does particularly in England and America, there you will find the worship of cash the principal religion of the community."

"Today this vulgarity can be detected in every aspect of our lives. Everything, every consideration of refinement, is overlooked, provided that money be present. And the man who kills most female hearts is he who can throw a rich fur round his capture and whirl her off in a sumptuous Rolls-Royce. Wives who have passionately loved their husbands will learn to dislike and despise them intensely if owing to some unhappy turn in their fortunes they become material failures."

"Individually this vulgarity ramifies in woman as an inability to pursue refinement, unassisted or undirected; as a readiness to sacrifice refinement or else the fruits of cultivation, to any other sordid end, and as an inaccessibility to the finer nuances of thought. That is why the notion ‘Lady’ is such absurd nonsense. It is the grossest and most palpable fiction. No ‘Lady’ has ever existed or will ever exist." — Anthony Mario Ludovici