Friday, September 19, 2014

Kirill Was Here

John: Jeff is back from Amsterdam today
Karalyn: did he order an egg burrito for breakfast
Remy: do work son
Markus: pfffft dean is hotter
Markus: nohomo
John: lol
Dean: lol
Dean: he's got confidence
Karalyn: probably banging models on couches made from recycled bottles of dom eh?
Markus: yep getting bottle service from ur mom
Karalyn: remember when i wanted to be on ultimate surrender
Karalyn: that was like exactly last year
Markus: lol
Markus: this is how i imagine jesse in vegas
Markus: spraying champagne on bitches
Remy: hahah
Markus: talking to Musayyabbutt located in Pakistan - "How are you Sir/Mam ???"
Markus: fantastic now after the transgender operation