Friday, December 16, 2016

Hold On We're Going Home by ASTR

[–]wanderer779 5 points 55 minutes ago

This was a realization for me. After Trump I thought the left was going to have a moment of realizing how crazy they all went. To me Trump was a way that voters sent messages to people in power. Among those messages was that we've had enough of the radicals on the left and we are willing to pick anyone that will fight them. It is a pretty loud message if you ask me - the guy is an absurd choice for president in normal times.

I realized a day or two after the election that it was not going to go down that way. It was foolish of me to expect them to turn course, as it is against human nature. These people are dug in on this stuff. Psychologically it's going to be pretty hard to admit they were wrong and it may take years for them to un-fuck themselves. In fact it may not ever happen and I may still be listening to lectures about privilege and toxic masculinity and safe spaces on my death bed.