Monday, December 26, 2016

Dubstep War Pigs by DJ Pur NRG

[–]88Will88 7 points 15 hours ago*

The media outlets realize that fear sells. Half of their buyers are women so they run with these fear mongering headlines "X% of women will be sexually assaulted between the ages of 18-35" etc. This allows them to continue to sell lies and therefore their product. They can point to a large female readership to advertisers who then pay to advertise with them. It feeds a cycle and the narrative continues. I would say that the liberal and mainstream media is the main reason this false narrative lives on. It was weaponized by groups of unattractive women who were doing gender studies as a major and then it was monetized by the media.

There are huge psychological factors at play here and I would need to write an essay and do a lot of research to do that any justice. The real reason these lies are perpetuated is financial. The owners of the media outlets have two target markets, liberals and conservatives. Conservative outlets sell fear of migrants, gun laws, and xenophobia; then liberal outlets sell the evils of racists, the evils of the patriarchy, fear of Trump and the lie that women are victims. The media outlets do not care about the left or the right so long as they get to move product. Fear sells.