Monday, December 4, 2017

Milo Meets David Horowitz

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My mentality is not based on fear, and I don't think it's useless to do what you can to make society better. Of course you can cultivate your little garden of the world and the social environment you inhabit. That's all well and good. Also I'd say we're more like the pre-WWI era, rather than Rome. There are some comparisons to Rome which are valid but the analogy is often overused.

What unsettles me more is the pre-WWI similarities. I think by 2050 there will be serious war, if not by 2035. Specifically the slow build of alliance structures around an extremely unstable situation. That being the Sunni/Shia divide in the deteriorating Middle East. Russia and probably Turkey supporting Iran and Assad and other Shia groups. The US and the West supporting the Saudis and other Sunni groups.

Here's how things work geopolitically as I see it. Tensions build but everyone keeps the lid on things, aside from little steam blowoffs like in eastern Ukraine. But once the economy has a serious downturn or depression, all bets are off as competing nations scramble for resources.

We no longer live in a unipolar world with western liberal democracy leading us all off into the sunset unchallenged. That was a profound delusion of the post Cold War era.

China is ascendant and clearly the master of its domain in the Pacific now. The 21st century will likely see a major geopolitical power shift from the west to China. Russia has also positioned itself in opposition to the west, rather than in alignment with it like we attempted for a couple decades.

So we now have the reintroduction of historical forces, and sets of alliances drawing up. Like I said, everyone keeps their cool despite tensions, as long as the economy stays decent. But will it forever? Doubtful. The demographic declines around Europe and Japan and the US will spell inevitable economic problems. In Europe, the highbrow left is concerned about the release of diabolical forces if euro political and economic instability continues. And Russia is meddling to accelerate the fraying of western governance. I don't mean this whole Trump collusion bullshit. I mean they are playing the long game of stoking division wherever they can around the US and Europe.

Watch man, the 2020s will be very turbulent, and massive instability could start to break out by 2035. There are so many shifting tectonic plates going on right now, it's bound to unleash forces which get out of hand. So many negative trends. And what's really concerning is the weakness and divided leadership in the west, contrasted to the strength and consolidation of power in our rivals. Putin and Xi Jinping are the strongest leaders in those countries since Stalin and Mao.

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It is not our job to "wake up" the lower-status males. The objective truth is that there will always be men at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy. This is how nature operates.

The war of ideas is waged between competing Elites. Now, you can have Elites who are more and less in line with Red Pill wisdom/Natural Law. But there is never, ever a society where men are all equal. These type of utopian visions simply have no basis in nature. The question is: do we want a Natural Law republic type setup, where the Elite and masses live in harmony with Red Pill principles? This type of society tends towards order and pro-social behavior.

Or do we want a society based on lies and deception, where only psychopaths get to the top? This type of society leads to decay and chaos. It's our choice.