Thursday, August 3, 2017

Baby Driver Trailer

"Capitalists know they need you alive and well to feed their machine. Marxists on the other hand do not, they brook no dissent as demonstrated and they do not in the least value the individual. Marxism has a well worn history of destroying civilizations and cultures because its only about power and never about TRUTH. Marxists of any stripe can be identified by their denial of reality and that can include small details like mass starvation. Ask Senor Maduro about this issue right now. Marxism is fucking cancer to Western civilization.

Ask a marxist about what their perfect future would look like, how it would work, but make sure you delve into the details about things like actual production of stuff like food or iphones. You’ll find that about three sentences after some arble garble about “rights”, they run out of oxygen like Willie Coyote standing over a 1000′ of air in a canyon. Shortly thereafter, if you keep pressing, you will be labelled a racist or some such thing. Count on it." – Agent P