Saturday, June 10, 2017

Get Down Love by Situation

Clark Kent • 4 days ago

I forgot who posted it a while back but I'll paraphrase an older ROK comment. Women pay to go to school and get degrees in social studies, healthcare, or some such. They rarely start companies or do the most difficult and prestigious work. In the end, the majority of them become teachers, nurses, retail, and office workers. These are the same jobs women used to do before feminism "liberated" them. Except now they put themselves into serious debt to do the same shit they've always done. The result is we've basically destroyed motherhood and social standards. If you look at wages vs. cost of goods, prices have tripled since 1970. People complain about everything being so expensive now, but instead of making more real things we just make bullshit busy jobs and extend more debt. Guess who benefits in that scenario.