Monday, March 27, 2017

PSA by Jay-Z & Chief Mogly

"I don't train to be "fit enough" for the modern world, or to gain the esteem of the average modern man. I train because somewhere in my DNA there's a memory of a more ferocious world, a world where men could become what they are and reach the most terrifying magnificent state of their nature. I don't train to impress the majority of modern slobs. I train to be worthy enough to carry water for my barbarians fathers, and to be worthy of the company of the men most like them alive today. I train because I imagine the disgust and contempt our ancestors would have for us all if they lined up modern men on the street. I train to be less of an embarrassment to their memory. I train because most modern men dishonor all of the men who came before them. I train "as if" they were watching and judging us. I train "as if" I might one day be called to join them, or to strive and thrive as they once did, in a greater age. I train because it is better to imagine oneself as a soldier in a spiritual army training for a war that may never come than it is to shrug, slouch and shuffle forward into a dysgenic and dystopian future." -- Train for Honor by Jack Donovan