Saturday, February 18, 2017

Anything for Love by Julia Lillis

[–]1ozaku7 1 point 8 hours ago

In their world, only their emotions matter, hence they make friends with those that support them emotionally and make enemies of the others that put them down, even though they are the people that call them out on their bullshit rightfully. These women have completely surrendered to their emotions and logic is just a betavoice in their head they don't respect or simply lack.

[–]1kevin32 1 point 9 minutes ago

It's like beta orbiters are life preserver rings. She gets thrown off the boat by Chad and frantically reaches out to her orbiters to rescue her sense of worth. And this is why women cry on the shoulders of friendzoned guys when Chad pumps and dumps her. Not just because of the "one who got away", but to gauge her value in the SMP from a male perspective. She's effectively saying, "The men that I really want don't want me. Please validate me because if you find me desirable, then it means I still have more time to ride the carousel." As more men wake up to the manipulation and stop with all the white-knighting, there will be fewer life-preservers in the water.