Friday, January 20, 2012


"The most functional way of putting it is that the ESA were the ones expecting you to have their backs when California tried to roll out its violent videogame law, and you did. That’s really as instructive as I can be; the support they’re looking for is unidirectional. It goes from you to them." - Tycho

"Just some stats... ... here are some reasons why TPB is down sometimes - and how long it usually takes to fix:
Tiamo gets *very* drunk and then something crashes: 4 days
Anakata gets a really bad cold and no one is around: 7 days
The US and Swedish gov. forces the police to steal our servers: 3 days
... yawn." - TPB

Or you can join the Church of the Madonna Orgasm.

These six companies produce 90% of what Americans read, watch and listen to as of 2011. The numbers are how much each makes in a year:
  • Viacom; $14.9 billion
  • CBS Corporation: $14.1 billion
  • News Corp: $33.4 billion
  • Time Warner: $26.9 billion
  • GE: $150.2 billion
  • Disney: $40.9 billion
I have to assume that anyone who spends millions asking for something knows full well what they are asking for and wants it badly.